Legal, Business Litigation

Company: Provenio Litigiation LLP

Location: Liverpool, UK

Size: 6

The Challenge

  • Provenio had quickly moved to working remotely and holding client calls via video conference, although there was still a need to meet safely and in person including with clients

  • Needed to provide a safe, reliable and fast solution to enable face to face meetings, often at short notice where video or telephone calls were just not the required forum


“Following government guidance, Provenio Litigation LLP quickly closed our offices and moved to remote working, however in recent months we have seen the need to provide on occasion direct, face to face meetings in our offices. In addition to required safety measures in the offices we reviewed several COVID-19 tests, with our focus on accessibility, speed and reliability. We decided to trial Medusa 19’s Rapid Saliva Protein Test. We have found the test to be ideal for our needs, as it is non-intrusive and with reliable test results in just 15 minutes, enabling our team to have the confidence to meet with clients, often at short notice. We are now offering this to all our team who need to hold meetings in the offices, together with extending the offer of a test to our clients coming into meet with us.”

Mark Goodwin Managing Director